Mini Makeup Haul & Review

Hey yall!
So I just recently purchased the new Revlon Bold Laquer mascara and the Revlon colorstay skinny liquid eyeliner in blackest black for both colors. I also was gifted the Benefit World Famous Neutrals box, which comes with four eyeshadows and two colored creme pots. So far the mascara is awesome, no real clumps or hardening on my lashes which I love!! The skinny eyeliner is also nice but I have a preference of actual brush tips than felt tips but oh well. I have only tried one of the eyeshadows but so far its smooth and pigmented!

That’s all that I have so far!
Until next time!!


E32014: Games I’m excited for

Hey yall.
Last night I went to Sonys E3 Press Conference. I am not an avid gamer but I must admit there are alot of exciting games out there. I’m going to give a run down of my faves.
Little Big Planet 3

I am so very excited for this game, mostly because its a game that is multi player, its always fun. This game introduces new characters featured on the cover and they each have their own strengths. So everyone can truly be customized and have a role within the game! The levels are also have a depth unlike the previous games so going through it is not going to be cake. Not to mention its a cute game so that automatically draws me in!


Omg this game is beautiful! It tells a story of two beings, a fish and bird who fall in love but could never be together. It shows in a fantastical way how they would interact and when they combine, its magic! The neat thing is that it is a single player that plays both characters. Thats what makes it challenging having to coordinate both hands to hit the targets. So far the movement is fluid and stunning, as a spectator I couldn’t look away! The music is awesome too

No Mans Sky


This game is also super cinematic and colorful that automatically captured my attention! This game is different due to the fact that no player starts at the same planet. The idea is to explore different places and creatures inhabitating the planet. You can also jump on a ship and explore the galaxy…so far thats what I gathered. Also the planets are computer generated so it really is like an infinite game that would satisfy the most ADD gamer.

Mortal Kombat X


I am including both console covers to show both characters, but were PS4 owners. So of course I had to include this game as highly anticipated! To me this takes me back to the days of original mortal kombat, and the movie, and the music, very nostalgic. Whats not old is the way the fighters battle it out, the game also utilizes the background as potential weapons, such as tree branches from what we saw out of the gameplay. I must have this game, and believe me I’ll button mash my way through wins lol. Again fun game to play with friends or the significant other!

Overall the other games looked great but these were my top choices as adding to part of our collection. Check out the website for more info :

Until next time!


Hey yall.
Ok lets just get into it shall we? I believed I purchased this mascara at Target and it was perhaps $7.99.
Here is the verdict:

Total disappointment!

The mascara is dual ended to supposedly provide both length and volume. The idea is that you use side one first (obviously right) then use side two and bask in the glory of cover girl awesomeness.
To my great sadness I did not feel that. AT ALL.
First off the wand on side one is like all the cover girl lash blast line. I personally do not like this wand at all the tiny bristles always seem to actually poke and hurt my lashes, or lash line rather…like a scraping sort of. No I’m not going hard core on my lashes I’m not a makeup masochist! But that wand annoys the hell out of me and thus I don’t purchase lash blast of any kind. I don’t remember seeing the brush before I purchased, if I did then I probably bought this mascara giving it the benefit of the doubt. Side one is the lengthening separating part.
So side two has the normal wand which is was fine, I actually had no real problems with this side only until after. The side two I think is supposed to be the voluminous laquer finish. Well the mix of the two mascaras was not working for me!
I loved the fullness added to the lashes but hated that they were clumpy and were hard as hell after a few minutes. I don’t want my lashes to feel like hedgehog quills! I think I liked side two on its own and I was using that for a while but I feel like I’m wasting the other side so for me this mascara did not work but oh well. Live and learn!

Cute Foto Friday

YAASSS, I almost forgot…I owe you wonderful people a CRAP TON OF CUTENESS.
The first one is a cutie from Twitter’s TheDailyPuppy! Click HERE to see about adopting!


The others are from instagram. Shout out to @bestofblackcats cuz those kitties are so cute!!! Enjoy!!!


Seriously. I cannot believe it is taking me this long to update this blog. 



I am just going to do a mix up mash up of everything I can think that is relative to my life right now:


ITS OFFICIALLY SIX MONTHS AWAY, I cannot believe that time has flown by so fast!!


We have all the details down, the only last few things are of course the license, officiant, and paying for the damn thing….which reminds me.

Jared and I have set up a GOFUNDME page for anyone who is interested in donating to our nuptials. I will provide a link here. A friend suggested it as a good idea so we shall see. I am excited either way because I know that night is going to ROCK SO HARD! I can’t wait to celebrate my love with good food, good drink, and good people around me!

#2: Makeup Updates

So since its been a few months i have a few reviews from previous purchases I will update for yall. Most of them are eye products and some MAC stuff. Be on the lookout!


So I am ever so consumed with my love the Spurs! Game 1 of the Finals was last night and WOOO GIRL, it was awesome/nerve-wrecking/stressful/glorious all at the same time! Here are some of my fave memes from the series so far:

Image  Image 

Image  Image

This is when the AC was out for Game 1. I’m not embarrassed or anything. SHIT HAPPENS, DEAL WITH IT. Most of the fans I spoke to did not mind the heat because the Spurs won, and ATT sent out an apology and repaired the electric malfunction today. So we Ready for Game 2!!

And for those wondering, Yes I watch the game…its something that my friends and family gather around and do together. We don’t indulge in the Downtown festivities but maybe if they win the series I might take the next day off 🙂 because my ass will take my little Mazda and honk all the way down Commerce!

So thats it that I got for now, hope everyone (or anyone reading this blog)  is doing well!