Mini Makeup Haul & Review

Hey yall!
So I just recently purchased the new Revlon Bold Laquer mascara and the Revlon colorstay skinny liquid eyeliner in blackest black for both colors. I also was gifted the Benefit World Famous Neutrals box, which comes with four eyeshadows and two colored creme pots. So far the mascara is awesome, no real clumps or hardening on my lashes which I love!! The skinny eyeliner is also nice but I have a preference of actual brush tips than felt tips but oh well. I have only tried one of the eyeshadows but so far its smooth and pigmented!

That’s all that I have so far!
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Hey yall.
Ok lets just get into it shall we? I believed I purchased this mascara at Target and it was perhaps $7.99.
Here is the verdict:

Total disappointment!

The mascara is dual ended to supposedly provide both length and volume. The idea is that you use side one first (obviously right) then use side two and bask in the glory of cover girl awesomeness.
To my great sadness I did not feel that. AT ALL.
First off the wand on side one is like all the cover girl lash blast line. I personally do not like this wand at all the tiny bristles always seem to actually poke and hurt my lashes, or lash line rather…like a scraping sort of. No I’m not going hard core on my lashes I’m not a makeup masochist! But that wand annoys the hell out of me and thus I don’t purchase lash blast of any kind. I don’t remember seeing the brush before I purchased, if I did then I probably bought this mascara giving it the benefit of the doubt. Side one is the lengthening separating part.
So side two has the normal wand which is was fine, I actually had no real problems with this side only until after. The side two I think is supposed to be the voluminous laquer finish. Well the mix of the two mascaras was not working for me!
I loved the fullness added to the lashes but hated that they were clumpy and were hard as hell after a few minutes. I don’t want my lashes to feel like hedgehog quills! I think I liked side two on its own and I was using that for a while but I feel like I’m wasting the other side so for me this mascara did not work but oh well. Live and learn!

L’Oreal voluminous full definition mascara

Alright guys,
So you know I love L’Oreal products… I’ve been seeing this lately at my HEB and I had to try it out. Just bought it so I will play with it and give it a full review a bit later.


Ok so here is my two cents:
First off I love the packaging, its like a soft goldish color it looks so sleek and shiny and new. Metallics are not my thing but it looks great to me so A+ on that. The other thing I noticed was the mascara is really light, which is a good thing.
Application wise its nothing special when it comes to the wand, its normal not too big or too tapered.
The formula is not too wet, it gives a lightweight feel on the lashes, I feel my lashes are soft but defined, it gives great volume. It does dry quickly but it does still remain soft.
I think it is better than the Rocket mascara for sure ( my lashes feel hard and stiff…not cute) and isn’t clumpy like the Revlon lash potion ( I felt my lashes super clumpy with that one, cute packaging though until it wears off). Overall I am happy with the product, and L’Oreal you did it again! Ya keep me coming back for more.

Until next time…

September Haul



So I didn’t get too much stuff, mainly trying out new products and finishes to see how I like them. Let’s get into it shall we?

Lets start with eyes: I purchased MAC’s Veluxe Brow Liner in Deep Brunette ($17)



I liked how the pencil is very smooth and really you need a light hand when applying, it also has a nifty brow brush on the other end so you can blend it out. I gotta say I like this product. I was using MAC’s Omega eyeshadow for filling in my brows but I needed something that would last longer than just powder. I am fortunate that my brows are thick and need minimal makeup to make them pop. I didn’t always feel that way though, I would see a lot of friends with REALLY DONE UP brows and I wanted that look too. But you gotta know what you have and how to work it in order to be satisfied with just enhancing your natural brows.

Next up is face: I bought Real TECHniques Expert Face Brush from ULTA ($7.99) and my first time ever MAC Studio Fix ($26)







I have purchased a three brush set from Real TECHniques before and I have been loving them, they are a step up from E.L.F. Studio Brushes (which are still a steal and worth buying if you’re in a money bind) but they aren’t overly expensive. This brush is dense and has duo fibre bristles which really helps to blend out harsh blush or contouring. I have been using it in The Balm’s Hot Mama! and that has been my go-to blush combo for this month. Now I am normally a MAC girl when it comes to face makeup, other drugstore brands just don’t do it for me, also I noticed I was really breaking out with some of them, so even when I try to get away, MAC pulls you back in lol. So I always used Studio Fix Fluid and a Naturalize Skin Finish powder to set my look. Well recently I went to my local MAC shop with my good friend who was a MAC VIRGIN (OMMYGERD). So we spent a good time in the store looking at face makeup and the MUA used it on her and I could instantly tell the coverage was great and it looked like she had used a cream foundation and powder but really she just used the Studio Fix, I was convinced. My friend bought one and so did I. So far I like it because it helps to take away that extra step without me feeling like that my face is not complete (did that make sense??) I feel like I have both my foundation and powder done with one swoop (ok several swoops).

Last but certainly not least, lips: MAC Dubonnet ($15), MAC Ruby Woo ($15), L’Oreal Color Riche Le Matte Matte for Me ($7.99) L’Oreal Color Riche La Laque in I laque you a lot and Laque-onic all from Target ($7.99 each)


Dubonnet, Ruby Woo, I laque you a lot, Matte for me, and Laque-onic


Again when I was with my friend at the MAC store I had brought in products for BACK to MAC (this might be a whole other blog post right herr) so I was eligible for a free lipstick, eyeshadow, or lipglass. I love lipglass but I was looking for a new red for the fall season. I found it with the Amplified Cream Lipstick Dubonnet. What I truly love about MAC is not only do they have the color options for every person on the planet (which are mostly highly pigmented and true to color) but they have different finishes to their lip sticks. Pay attention kids cause this is important: the look and feel of your lipstick will depend on the finish it has. Ergo, you may love the color but not the feel of the lipstick, you may love the feel but not the color (which is kind of impossible because as mentioned earlier, your color will be there!).  Amplified Cream is just that, it gives true to color pay off, is rich and smooth hence the cream. The next one I purchased ( and I hate myself for waiting so long) is Retro Matte Ruby Woo. Again the name says it all, it is a matte finish, which is typically harder to work with and will give your lips a dryer feel. I personally like it on days where I don’t want cream, shine, or gloss, but more of a lip stain. Ruby Woo will do just that. It is one of their best sellers and for good reason, it is a cooler toned red color that compliments many skin tones. The next ones I actually purchased because of a Youtuber named Lollydolly128. She had gorgeous colors and just by the video I knew that these lippies will be high quality color and will be highly pigmented. A little goes along way with these lip colors. She mentioned they were limited edition so “go to the store like right now”. I didn’t do exactly that but I regret not really listening to her. I purchased one first, another thing they were only sold exclusively for Target, I don’t know why but I love Target anyways so it was a win-win.  I purchased I Laque you a lot, and I loved it, the color, the feel, the price. Only downside is that it has that L’Oreal smell that I’m not fond of, to me it smells like old lady with rose perfume or something, anyway I can live it with for the sake of wearing these products. I bought two Laque’s and one Matte, same idea here as the MAC lip colors, depending on the finish will depend on how it will look and feel on your lips. Laques are high shine a bit more sticky but not gloss sticky, the color stays for a bit with normal wear. The good thing about them is that they don’t just like slide off or they are super slick. The matte shade is more smooth, the pencil is more pliable, and all of them need a soft hand when applying, The color feels so velvety on the lips and it also has some staying power. Now these colors are not for the timid, these are bold red colors that will give you attention.


I Laque You A lot                                                               Matte for Me

I didn’t think I was honestly going to buy 5 lip products but when it gets good, its really good. Personally lip and eye shadow colors should be the most purchased things because of the ranges of colors and finishes. I hope some of you read through the whole thing, if not hey at least you saw some pics right?

Until next time!

Eye Makeup Remover!

This topic was actually brought up last night.

I went to see Krewella which was AMAZING!! I have some blurryish (?) shots and some video maybe i will post them in another post, but we somehow got onto the topic of makeup remover while at the show. Now everyone in our group had a different answer: some liked wipes, some liked solution based products, and then they asked me….I pretty much have most of everything or I have tried most of everything when it comes to removing makeup.

What I got so far:

From my experience, I find different products useful based on the amount of time I have. Last night for instance, I was so tired from the show and the bass was still pounding in my head ( in a good way) and all i wanted to do was hit the sheets! But if you remember my last post (SKINCARE) its not really a good idea especially with acne prone skin like mine. I have to clean my face. So what I did was use wipes.

Wipes are not a new thing, in fact depending on your budget, you can find the right wipe for you. There are so many different varieties both drug store and high end that work pretty well. The idea of the wipe is to get the majority of makeup off of your lids and face but you should wash as well following the wipes. You could get away with just wiping for those kinds of nights (like mine) but it shouldn’t be a habit.  I have used cheap $1 brands from HEB (my mom’s fave wipes), some mid range $3-$5 ones from CVS or Walgreens or high end ones like MAC which can range from $10-$30. Of course the MAC wipes are a splurge but if you constantly use them and that is your remover of choice then perhaps investing in them works for you (& the smell of them…HEAVENLY). If you are so-so, not really an avid user of wipes, then go with a brand you’re familiar with. I am currently using ALOE EXTRACT wipes from Forever 21 (they were like $3.50 and I love ALOE products). To be honest, I have even done baby wipes in a time of crisis, it doesn’t really work that well for me but I also was using cheap baby wipes LOL.

Now for the rest of the times, I go with a facial cleanser for the face makeup and eye makeup remover for the lids. Eye makeup remover is also one of those things that everyone has their own preference. I don’t mind oil or oil free, i actually am alternating between two: low end HEB Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover (I think it’s supposed to be the dupe to the L’Oreal one, i bought mine for like $3) and high end Lancome Bi-Facil Double Action Eye Makeup Remover ( I got it in a beauty subscription so it was technically $10).  I like to go with more solution based because I feel that it gets all of makeup off and my lids are nice and clean.

What I want to try:

Other types of removers are lotion based ones like that white Avon one (sorry don’t know what its called) but I have yet to try it out and see how I like it, if you’ve tried it let me know how you like it. At MAC there are two that I am in between trying; their Pro Eye Makeup Remover and their Cleanse Off Oil. MAC is carrying travel sized products which is good for several reasons. The first and obvious one, is that they are making it easy to take your favorite cleansing products on the road,sea, or sky. The second, they are a great way for you to try out the product for a lower price. Third, they are just cute little packages (I’m a sucker for mini things).  I more than likely will buy both and give you my expert (not really) opinion.

Another that I am 85% sure I am going to pick up today is one from Maybelline. I have heard some great reviews from YouTube so why not give it a go! I will definitely post my review on that as well.

Did I miss anything else? If I did, let me know what you use or what you have been wanting to use.

Until next time…


I have been meaning to post something regarding skin care for a while now especially since I haven’t posted in like….weeks. ._. my bad guys.

So acne basically plagues everyone, and I am no exception. I have used everything practically under the sun, minus Accutane and hard core prescription stuff. What seems to be working for me was something I knew was there all along I just never used it.

Now mind you, this is my personal opinion and I am no dermatologist, if you are experiencing major skin issues then go see someone with actual medical expertise. I have combination skin which means I have dry cheeks but my T zone [the forehead, nose, and sometimes my chin] are extremely oily. This is one of the toughest skin types to work with because you have to be able to balance out the oil but also not to be too drying. Just my luck right?

Facial Brushes:

I have been wanting a Clarisonic since forever but to be honest, I don’t exactly feel comfortable shelling out $200 on a facial brush, which is exactly what it is. Yes, you can charge it, use it when wet and it massages your skin, but damn I don’t make that much money. Oh and you still have to buy the cleanser gel or wash on top of that expense!  So I wanted to find the next best thing and decided that I wasn’t going to be left out so I purchased the Olay Pro X Advanced Cleansing System at CVS. It too is a facial brush that is battery operated, massages the skin, and you can use it in the shower. The upside to this is that the product is only $30 and sold at drugstores.

WP_20130619_002  WP_20130810_003  WP_20130810_002  WP_20130810_004 The box, front, back, and closer look at the brush head, which is also removable.

To be honest, the Olay Pro X is actually better because the actual brush head moves in circular motion rather than just vibrates back an forth (which is what the Clarisonic does). So I feel that my skin is being better cleansed while using this product. If you aren’t super keen on spending a crazy amount for the Clarisonic, I would highly suggest this dupe!

The Cleanser:

I had been using a gentle cleanser for a bit because I don’t do well with extremely strong products, I felt that my skin would become highly sensitive and would actually hurt my skin more. I was using St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Cleanser which was great because it was oil free, it was sold at drugstores so easily accessible, and it was relatively inexpensive. However, I have recently been introduced to the Clinic Skincare line which has been my new fave because it is really gentle but still very effective. I actually bought the three step system at my local CCO which was a steal $12 for 1 fl. oz cleanser, 6.7 fl. oz clarifying lotion [toner] and a cute .5 fl oz moisturizing gel.

WP_20130810_001  The moisturizing gel, clarifying lotion and facial cleanser…so cute right?!?

The facial soap is strong and does not irritate the skin, the lotion is great because it helps to keep the skin clear, and I really like the smell believe it or not. Last but not least is the moisturizing gel, which is genius because most moisturizers are oil based and are sometimes really creamy and I end up looking like a glistening mess, the gel works to both hydrate the skin without leaving it too shiny, but also give my skin what it needs. The actual products on their own are in the more high end price range, I gave in and bought the full size versions. I would recommend purchasing these products as a whole system, if you’re going to splurge you might as well get the whole damn thing. Sometimes department stores have them in sets that you can purchase so you wouldn’t have to buy each piece separately, I just so happened to because I still had a lot of toner left.

The Method:

I  put a one pump of cleanser on my face or I place it on the Pro X brush and use the brush about ten seconds on each area of the face. The way I cleanse is I start with my cheeks, then my chin then my nose then my forehead, I work up because I don’t want the cleanser running down my face . I typically use the product while I am in the shower. After my shower I get a towel and pat my face first then my body, although I have heard of girls using those new Kleenex paper towels and using that to pat the face that way you are using something sterile yet sturdy. I might consider using that.  Once I am out of the shower I use my toner. I use a exfoliating cotton pad [Target has them, they are amazing] to swipe the toner onto my face. after a few seconds I use the moisturizing gel and work it throughout my face and neck. I recommend using your skincare system twice a day so you can get the best results. Now breakouts still do happen, nothing is perfect in this world, but for me I notice my breakouts are not as big, red, and painful as before and within a few days its gone. Keep in mind that if you’re still breaking out it could be a number of reasons: its that time of the month, you are highly stressed out, or your diet are all factors. Other good tips would be to wash your pillow cases bi-weekly or monthly, as well as cleaning your makeup brushes often.

I hope you found this helpful and if you have other skincare suggestions, do tell!

Look at this cute pic that i found on pinterest!

wash your face

Until next time!