I’m Ruby and I’m 26 years old and live in the great state of Texas. I’m currently residing in San Antonio, but I was born and raised in Eagle Pass, TX. I am the youngest of three siblings and the only daughter. I am a proud Hispanic (hence rata). I decided to create this blog in hopes to inspire others to celebrate themselves. To love and accept themselves for who they are. I am very outgoing and if you catch me on a good day, I’m darn right lovable! It’s hard for me to not to get along with others, I pretty much believe that I can relate to anyone.

So now that I introduced myself, lets get some things straight:
-This is a lifestyle blog with a large focus on beauty
-I am an adult, this will be a blog with some adult content, I’ll try to keep adult language to a minimum
-Lets explain rata. A Rata is a ghetto girl who is all about her hood, her friends, and herself. It started with a joke in 2006 from a local radio station and ever since then, I have been called a rata. It’s more of a term of endearment which I proudly own. Most of my San Antonio friends know me as that rata. I am not a “ghetto” girl per say, but I like what I like, so if it’s ghetto, OH WELL. I love my family, friends, and love myself. I am truly a happy person and don’t care what others might think of me.

A Few Other Things:
-I am in a loving relationship with Jared. We met in 2010 and we share an apartment. He is the ying to my yang! We’re engaged and are currently planning a December wedding.
-I was born on Thanksgiving Day (gobble gobble).
-I love Hello Kitty accessories and plushies. I’m not a big fan of wearing her.
-I’m plus sized, and trying to get it right and tight for the wedding.
– Jared and I are proud Hedgehog owners! Our hedgie is named Hazzard. He is about 2 years old and is an African Pygmy.

Beauty Holy Grail
This is a list of products which I heart dearly:
Moisturizer-I am currently using Say Yes To Carrots Daily Moisturizer (buy it at ROSS, it’s way cheaper!)
Foundation- MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW 25, or NC 30, or NC 35 if I’m really tan.
Face Powder- MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in either Medium, or Medium-Plus.
Bronzer- I am switching between my bronzers to try to use them all
Blush- E.L.F. Studio Baked Blush in Rich Rose

Primer- Urban Decay Eyeshadow Potion. I am using the old school bottle still, those things hold a lot of product in em!
Liquid Eyeliner on my lids-Currently using L’Oreal Lineur Intense
Mascara- L’Oreal Carbon Black Voluminous
Eyeshadow- I am totally stuck on MAC Omega, which was supposed to be for my brows but I loved it on my lids
Eyebrows- NYX Brow Pencil in Brown

EOS lip balm in pomegranate.
FLOWER Kiss Stick Velvet Lip Color by Drew Barrymore in LS2

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