Wedding Planning Tools

Hey Y’all!

As far as wedding updates go:

Bridesmaids have their dresses, both mother of the bride and mother of the groom have purchased their dresses. And most of the guys have purchased their tux’s. Which is pretty sweet. So it is coming along fairly well. There are no major issues (knock on wood) at this time and we should see our RSVP’s rolling in next month.
I went ahead and purchased our champagne flutes, cake server set, and our favor bags as those items are needed regardless of RSVPs.

I wanted to also to take this opportunity to show how easy and manageable it can be doing your wedding without a coordinator. I just think having an event planner for a small wedding really has no point to it. I mean if our wedding were to be like 300 plus or we were doing something outside of the box with our theme, then it would be a different story. Me personally, I like having to make decisions and going out and purchasing items, so its not stressful…yet!

So lets get started with the first tool I used

Pinterest has truly been a great tool in getting the inspiration for a lot of wedding stuff. Cakes, invitations, centerpieces, photography, hair styles, bridal shower themes; it’s all there. If you have no idea where to begin, start with Pinterest. If anything, it will at least help narrow down your options. Make sure you either like the photo or pin it so you don’t lose it. And for me, I did not have a wedding board until I was actually engaged, and it has flourished into multiple boards for different things and I utilize them for practically every wedding meeting.

pinterest wedding

Bridal Expos

Other than pinterest, Bridal Expos give you a realistic look at what is available in your area. You get to sample food and drink, you get to see dresses, mock up tables and decorations, even some entertainment. I think it was worth the money to go to see what is out there, look at the real prices for your area, and lets you soak in all the wedding excitement!

Wedding Binder

You don’t need to purchase an actual wedding planner, you can easily Google it and find templates for budgets, to do lists, and all other things you need to plan your wedding. I went to my first bridal expo about a year ago and stuck all the flyers, brochures, and other things into a bag that they gave out, which worked perfectly for the day. When I got back home, I immediately started to sort out the categories: Beauty, Food, Entertainment, Floral,  Venues, MISC. I then got a pack of sheet protectors and used them to put the flyers and such. This helped me maintain order and I also had a divider for my contracts, and started putting all receipts as well. It is always a good rule to take it with you whenever you are going to do wedding stuff.

Here is a webpage to help you create your binder:


This website has been so helpful, it has a budget, guestlist manager, to do list -a very comprehensive one, inspiration boards, forums, a countdown, just everything you would need for getting ready for the big day. We also used it to create our wedding website and a place for people to send our RSVP’s. It does take a bit of time to get it started with all the info you need to type in, but it is so worth it because it has your wedding date in mind and it will tell you when you need to accomplish a task or look at your guest list.


Wedding Meetings

I know this sounds like a huge hassle but it has to happen, and often enough so you wont forget things. I recommend taking your binder, extra paper and pens to write down notes, it would also help to have at least one person with you if it isn’t your fiance. I did meetings with my fiance, my mom, my bridesmaids, and of course vendors to ensure we accomplish what we need to. Even if you are having a long engagement it doesn’t hurt to start meetings early, just remember to jot down notes and put them in your binder so that way you have a place of reference. I would also suggest to plan out meetings in advance so you know the people who need to be present can make the plans.


There is so much cute stuff you can buy through all of these shops, its ridiculous! I have personally used each of the sites/shops for different things for either the wedding or the bridal shower. This is also another source of inspiration for you if you are unsure of what you want as far as your theme or look of your wedding. I am a shopper so actually going and buying the stuff is fun and it feels like Christmas when I receive a package through the mail. Most of the time you can find what you are looking for and it usually is at an affordable price.

oriental trading

Fun tool- WedPics

I just discovered this app and it basically allows your guests at your wedding to upload their candid photos onto this app, which will in turn create a wedding album for you. Ideally, you want to have a photographer actually there, but this is a fun option for your guests to capture the moment through their perspective. Also this would be an alternative if you cannot afford a photographer, however I would not recommend that.

So I think I basically covered a lot of stuff today, it may seem daunting at first but as long as your are organized, you will be able to make decisions easier. Keep in mind that these are not the only tools out there, but these are basics that will help get you started!

Until Next Time!!


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