Spurs Spirit & Fathers Day

So of course last night was epic!!! Not only was it a great fathers day, I got to spend time with the fam and the Spurs take it all?!?! Winning (literally)
Only minor complaint was that the confetti wasn’t bam! It was slowly trickling down but oh well.
After watching some of the coverage, we hit up Academy for shirts and caps. When we got there it was pure fandemonium! We met up with a manager who told us no caps were being sold….so I said, eff it I know where we can go.
Ok yall I’m going to let you in on a secret, JC Penney also sells championship merchandise the same night. Most people have no clue and wait hours to get into academy. We were in and out in minutes at Penney’s
Once we were done there we hit downtown!! Well as deep as we could (please hold that’s what she said jokes until after–thank you). It was honking, yelling, dancing, high-fiving good time!!! Here’s some pics. The best part was I got to spend it with friends and family!! I am so proud of my city and team!! They truly played hard all season to reach this and it was well deserved!!!
Until next time!!


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