E32014: Games I’m excited for

Hey yall.
Last night I went to Sonys E3 Press Conference. I am not an avid gamer but I must admit there are alot of exciting games out there. I’m going to give a run down of my faves.
Little Big Planet 3

I am so very excited for this game, mostly because its a game that is multi player, its always fun. This game introduces new characters featured on the cover and they each have their own strengths. So everyone can truly be customized and have a role within the game! The levels are also have a depth unlike the previous games so going through it is not going to be cake. Not to mention its a cute game so that automatically draws me in!


Omg this game is beautiful! It tells a story of two beings, a fish and bird who fall in love but could never be together. It shows in a fantastical way how they would interact and when they combine, its magic! The neat thing is that it is a single player that plays both characters. Thats what makes it challenging having to coordinate both hands to hit the targets. So far the movement is fluid and stunning, as a spectator I couldn’t look away! The music is awesome too

No Mans Sky


This game is also super cinematic and colorful that automatically captured my attention! This game is different due to the fact that no player starts at the same planet. The idea is to explore different places and creatures inhabitating the planet. You can also jump on a ship and explore the galaxy…so far thats what I gathered. Also the planets are computer generated so it really is like an infinite game that would satisfy the most ADD gamer.

Mortal Kombat X


I am including both console covers to show both characters, but were PS4 owners. So of course I had to include this game as highly anticipated! To me this takes me back to the days of original mortal kombat, and the movie, and the music, very nostalgic. Whats not old is the way the fighters battle it out, the game also utilizes the background as potential weapons, such as tree branches from what we saw out of the gameplay. I must have this game, and believe me I’ll button mash my way through wins lol. Again fun game to play with friends or the significant other!

Overall the other games looked great but these were my top choices as adding to part of our collection. Check out the website for more info : http://www.e3expo.com

Until next time!


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