Hey yall.
Ok lets just get into it shall we? I believed I purchased this mascara at Target and it was perhaps $7.99.
Here is the verdict:

Total disappointment!

The mascara is dual ended to supposedly provide both length and volume. The idea is that you use side one first (obviously right) then use side two and bask in the glory of cover girl awesomeness.
To my great sadness I did not feel that. AT ALL.
First off the wand on side one is like all the cover girl lash blast line. I personally do not like this wand at all the tiny bristles always seem to actually poke and hurt my lashes, or lash line rather…like a scraping sort of. No I’m not going hard core on my lashes I’m not a makeup masochist! But that wand annoys the hell out of me and thus I don’t purchase lash blast of any kind. I don’t remember seeing the brush before I purchased, if I did then I probably bought this mascara giving it the benefit of the doubt. Side one is the lengthening separating part.
So side two has the normal wand which is was fine, I actually had no real problems with this side only until after. The side two I think is supposed to be the voluminous laquer finish. Well the mix of the two mascaras was not working for me!
I loved the fullness added to the lashes but hated that they were clumpy and were hard as hell after a few minutes. I don’t want my lashes to feel like hedgehog quills! I think I liked side two on its own and I was using that for a while but I feel like I’m wasting the other side so for me this mascara did not work but oh well. Live and learn!


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