Seriously. I cannot believe it is taking me this long to update this blog. 



I am just going to do a mix up mash up of everything I can think that is relative to my life right now:


ITS OFFICIALLY SIX MONTHS AWAY, I cannot believe that time has flown by so fast!!


We have all the details down, the only last few things are of course the license, officiant, and paying for the damn thing….which reminds me.

Jared and I have set up a GOFUNDME page for anyone who is interested in donating to our nuptials. I will provide a link here. A friend suggested it as a good idea so we shall see. I am excited either way because I know that night is going to ROCK SO HARD! I can’t wait to celebrate my love with good food, good drink, and good people around me!

#2: Makeup Updates

So since its been a few months i have a few reviews from previous purchases I will update for yall. Most of them are eye products and some MAC stuff. Be on the lookout!


So I am ever so consumed with my love the Spurs! Game 1 of the Finals was last night and WOOO GIRL, it was awesome/nerve-wrecking/stressful/glorious all at the same time! Here are some of my fave memes from the series so far:

Image  Image 

Image  Image

This is when the AC was out for Game 1. I’m not embarrassed or anything. SHIT HAPPENS, DEAL WITH IT. Most of the fans I spoke to did not mind the heat because the Spurs won, and ATT sent out an apology and repaired the electric malfunction today. So we Ready for Game 2!!

And for those wondering, Yes I watch the game…its something that my friends and family gather around and do together. We don’t indulge in the Downtown festivities but maybe if they win the series I might take the next day off 🙂 because my ass will take my little Mazda and honk all the way down Commerce!

So thats it that I got for now, hope everyone (or anyone reading this blog)  is doing well!



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