Natural Deodorant

Hey guys, coming at ya with new products. I had for several months noticed that my deodorant had been making my underarms itch, and I noticed that I the deodorant wasn’t really working as it should, I would still notice a not so pleasant scent lol. I would change up and constantly re apply. I even bought a small one for my purse in the go. So I decided to try natural deodorant as my last resort. The advantage to buying a natural product is that you are not exposing your skin to chemicals. Now, keep in mind that these two deodorants are not antiperspirant. So I bought two different brands, kiss my face and natural for her by urban cowboy. So far my skin hasn’t itched and I actually noticed no odor issues. If you have noticed a change in your skin I would recommend tying these products. Our skin is very sensitive so never disregard a product because more than likely its the products we use that can irritate us. I bought mine at Whole Foods, but usually any organic grocery store should carry it as well. I bought mine for about $6 each.

Until next time!


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