First off, I want to apologize for not updating this blog as I should be doing (i know you love those cute foto fridays huh)

Anyways, lets talk about what has been keeping me busy:

Wedding Planning:

the plans have been going great and strong! so far we have set up our wedding website, engagement photos, designed and worded our save the dates, set up our guest list, figured our budget, BOUGHT a dress,visited Bridal shows…just to name a few. The whole planning is not difficult but it just all takes time, and if you want to include anyone else besides your fiance or planner, then more things need to be scheduled out.

Working it Out:

So on October 16th, I decided to start a new weight loss program. I am so excited to see my progress so far and it has it great days and not so great days, but I know that I want to be healthier and trimmer. Not only am I doing three intense workout days a week, I am also following a protein rich program that is very strict. Although cutting out all the junk was the hardest, toughest thing I had to do, the workouts give me the strength I never had (like in my arms, legs, core) both physically and mentally. There have been some great ladies and guys who are super motivating and keep you on track! Some of my work buddies notice the difference too but I am trying not to let it get to my head because I know myself; if i start feeling like i lost alot of weight, i’ll go for that burger or fries or chips…I DONT WANT THAT haha.  Overall this journey is not going to take overnight, I know this will take everything I have to organize, prep, and stay on track. My fiance has been great about supporting me for the most part. He doesn’t like the fact that I have to work out at night, but oh well. 


So this past month has been CRAY at work, we have had annual luncheons, visitors and important meetings that have all been scheduled with very little time to recover haha. Fortunately I am OFF the entire week of Thanksgiving so it will give me time to relax, re-energized, and ready to go back and rock it!

More Personal Stuff:

So we are also in the midst of moving to a nicer apartment. Don’t get me wrong I love the space that we have, but the environment is no bueno. So much noisy neighbors, the management also isn’t the greatest, so we decided to spend a bit more for a nicer area. We don’t plan on getting a home until a few years later so we want to get an apartment that we wont have issues in. 


I guess that is it for now, I will share pics of some haulage that I have purchased the last month! 


Until Next Time…

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