MiniReview: Orange is the New Black

Back at ya with another review.

While finishing Fifty Shades of Grey, I was contemplating what my next read was going to be, I decided on Orange is the new black for two reasons; 1- I heard that the book is good, and 2- the Netflix series about the book was good. It didn’t take much to convince me lol.

Netflix_ Orange is the New Black _ Dainty Girl

now the book and Netflix series are about the same story but there are major differences. The book truly portrays the main character Piper’s story with some bits about the other inmates. She starts the book in her twenties where she first got a taste of adventure. She wanted to feel like more than a recent college grad, struggling to find some kind of career and her sense of self. She gets involved with a woman who she falls in love with, and lives off of her girlfriends drug smuggling money. This ultimately lands her in prison, ten years after she committed her one violation which was receiving a bag of money and traveling with it. One day is is greeted by two officers who inform her of her indictment.the book notes the heartbreaking and embarrassing confessions that piper had to make to her friends, family, and her boyfriend Larry. She pleads guilty to the judge and she us sentenced to 15 months in prison. The first episode plays out like the book exactly with the exception of her being in prison with former girlfriend (Nora in the book who is renamed Alex) who ratted her out to the feds. The book goes through the entire year with stories of pipers interactions with the inmates and her family and Larry. The series capture ls more of the personal stories of each inmate, who they were and why they ended up in prison. The series to me is more explicit than the book. I appreciate both the book and the series separately as the episodes are diverse and are obviously more dramatic.

So far, my favorite character from the series is Daya, I love her and the relationship with Bennet (So Cute). I think it was just really exciting to have a forbidden romance, something you would not expect at all. I think their characters is based on the book loosely because there was an inmate who would always talk to a CO but no one ever knew the truth.  In the book i felt really sorry for Piper but in the show i feel like she brought this all upon herself and she is self destructive.  I could not stop watching the series, I was sad that there was only one season so far. But i heard rumblings of a season two, so i am happy.

The book is also different in the way that it explains how the justice system works and how poorly inmates are prepared for re entering the real world, the series touches very little on it, but the book speaks more about how these women are not given resources to become aware of programs that would help them out. It made it seem that the prison system does nothing to promote growth or progress but rather just has these people exist without any type of guidance, which only leads for people to go back to their old way of life.

I would recommend both the book and series, it provides an insight to a different world and perhaps beginnings of a conversation about how the prison system could change for the better.

Orange Is The New Black _ Piper Kerman’s Prison P

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