L’Oreal voluminous full definition mascara

Alright guys,
So you know I love L’Oreal products… I’ve been seeing this lately at my HEB and I had to try it out. Just bought it so I will play with it and give it a full review a bit later.


Ok so here is my two cents:
First off I love the packaging, its like a soft goldish color it looks so sleek and shiny and new. Metallics are not my thing but it looks great to me so A+ on that. The other thing I noticed was the mascara is really light, which is a good thing.
Application wise its nothing special when it comes to the wand, its normal not too big or too tapered.
The formula is not too wet, it gives a lightweight feel on the lashes, I feel my lashes are soft but defined, it gives great volume. It does dry quickly but it does still remain soft.
I think it is better than the Rocket mascara for sure ( my lashes feel hard and stiff…not cute) and isn’t clumpy like the Revlon lash potion ( I felt my lashes super clumpy with that one, cute packaging though until it wears off). Overall I am happy with the product, and L’Oreal you did it again! Ya keep me coming back for more.

Until next time…


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