Inzomnia insomnia

So its 3:15 am. And I am WIDE AWAKE. I hate this seriously…i was so tired after a fun filled and crazy Friday at work, then got home, chilled with Jared and by 10:30 this old bitch gets under the covers. Normally I need to read my nook or watch YouTube vids of my fave beauty gurus then I’m good. Nope, not this time. This time I just rolled over n drifted away fast. Now this shit happens. I was tossin n turnin and I couldn’t bare it I had to wake. Which lead me here…i needed to do something silent while laying in bed. Yay to WordPress App!! And I honestly am beyond mad because I love sleep. Sleepy time and naps are very important in my old age… So the fact that my body is keeping me from doing that bothers me.
I also decided that I would follow up with one of the first bloggers I followed, Lindsey aka The Bargain Blonde. Her life to me is amaze! She’s from Texas (which just by knowing that you know she’s awesome) living and working in Vegas ( also freaking incredible) and she is just down to earth and loves life, and is into the things I’m into. Well I was sad to see only two new blogs on her page from like several months ago. I was like ” what happened??”.. She got busy, as do many of (us) bloggers get. Shit its hard for me to keep up with it and I just started. However I turned my frown upside down when I realized I didn’t have her followed on instagram! Yay to bloggers who also tweet/Facebook/instagram/vine. You gotta check her out @thebargainblonde on instagram…also read her blogs. So yea inzomnia cuz I feel like a zombie! Plus I think it was a cool play on words which its not really a word but you get my drift. I need to post about all my fav makeup damnit!! Perhaps I shall do a haul blog….also reading Orange is the new Black so I gotta do a review. Hmm there’s just a ton of blogs to do just not enough time, unless you’re like me and can’t sleep. Ok, I think I’m done!

Until next time!!!


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