Discontinued Beauty Items

We have all been there, that lip color we couldn’t live with out, all of a sudden its gone or discontinued. Heart breaking I know! This post is dedicated to the few products I am sad got discontinued or were never re-promoted.

MAC Balloonacy Pigment in Helium


The description for the pigment is Light pink with red duochrome. I first saw this with a friend back when they first opened up Nordstrom’s in San Antonio. I was familiar with MAC but not really into the swing of collections and the fact that they were limited editions and such. Well she bought this pigment and to this day I regret not buying one. I’m not too into pigment but the color was so pretty and the duo chrome was pretty amazing because you would catch the colors from different angles.  She said she used the hell out of it and she still had a lot of product left. This is one of the biggest items I wish I had purchased…

Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss (Color Unknown)


My poor old lip gloss, its way past its expiration date but I don’t want to get rid of it 😦

Yes, the damn color is unknown…freaking Victoria’s Secret and their lame labeling. Back in the day they had the name of the color on the part that you throw away. For years I have kept this lip gloss tube in hopes that I will find it somewhere. I can’t find it anywhere. I will show a pic. It looks like Juiced Berry but the smell is what makes it different its like a chocolately or baked goods kind of smell, I could have sworn it was oatmeal something but alas, I have no idea and this is pretty much depressing.

Neutrogena’s Lip Nutrition in Berry


This back when I was in middle school was the it balm! it smelled just like cherries. it was definitely a staple in any ones purse or back pack. every now and then I look to see if its still marketed because I thought they were so popular but I can never find it. again, sigh.

So those are pretty much my saddest ones. Now most people will pose the question “well why don’t you look for it on ebay?”. the truth of the matter is that I don’t want to resort to that because I am so afraid I will get a knock off product. I have had an EBAY makeup fail before.

Storytime: So one of my co workers wore this beautiful blush it was almost like iridescent and had flecks of pinks and purples. I loved it on her and I asked her what it was called and we found it on Ebay. Its from a Target Brand, Pixie and they had the exact one she had for a good price. Well I bought it up and when I got it in the mail I immediately opened it , so excited to try it. Well to my disappointment, I couldn’t tell I was even wearing it, it was chalky and no color pay off. Now I swatched hers and you could see it, when I swatched mine I got nothing. I was so sad. The other issue could have been that her skin tone was cool and not warm like mine so maybe those colors didn’t work well with me. Anyway I felt like I wasted my money. So no I don’t want to risk the same thing. I guess all I can do is sulk haha.

Has anyone else had a product that they loved, only to find out they discontinued it or it was limited edition that you wished was brought back? Let me know!

Until next time!


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