Eye Makeup Remover!

This topic was actually brought up last night.

I went to see Krewella which was AMAZING!! I have some blurryish (?) shots and some video maybe i will post them in another post, but we somehow got onto the topic of makeup remover while at the show. Now everyone in our group had a different answer: some liked wipes, some liked solution based products, and then they asked me….I pretty much have most of everything or I have tried most of everything when it comes to removing makeup.

What I got so far:

From my experience, I find different products useful based on the amount of time I have. Last night for instance, I was so tired from the show and the bass was still pounding in my head ( in a good way) and all i wanted to do was hit the sheets! But if you remember my last post (SKINCARE) its not really a good idea especially with acne prone skin like mine. I have to clean my face. So what I did was use wipes.

Wipes are not a new thing, in fact depending on your budget, you can find the right wipe for you. There are so many different varieties both drug store and high end that work pretty well. The idea of the wipe is to get the majority of makeup off of your lids and face but you should wash as well following the wipes. You could get away with just wiping for those kinds of nights (like mine) but it shouldn’t be a habit.  I have used cheap $1 brands from HEB (my mom’s fave wipes), some mid range $3-$5 ones from CVS or Walgreens or high end ones like MAC which can range from $10-$30. Of course the MAC wipes are a splurge but if you constantly use them and that is your remover of choice then perhaps investing in them works for you (& the smell of them…HEAVENLY). If you are so-so, not really an avid user of wipes, then go with a brand you’re familiar with. I am currently using ALOE EXTRACT wipes from Forever 21 (they were like $3.50 and I love ALOE products). To be honest, I have even done baby wipes in a time of crisis, it doesn’t really work that well for me but I also was using cheap baby wipes LOL.

Now for the rest of the times, I go with a facial cleanser for the face makeup and eye makeup remover for the lids. Eye makeup remover is also one of those things that everyone has their own preference. I don’t mind oil or oil free, i actually am alternating between two: low end HEB Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover (I think it’s supposed to be the dupe to the L’Oreal one, i bought mine for like $3) and high end Lancome Bi-Facil Double Action Eye Makeup Remover ( I got it in a beauty subscription so it was technically $10).  I like to go with more solution based because I feel that it gets all of makeup off and my lids are nice and clean.

What I want to try:

Other types of removers are lotion based ones like that white Avon one (sorry don’t know what its called) but I have yet to try it out and see how I like it, if you’ve tried it let me know how you like it. At MAC there are two that I am in between trying; their Pro Eye Makeup Remover and their Cleanse Off Oil. MAC is carrying travel sized products which is good for several reasons. The first and obvious one, is that they are making it easy to take your favorite cleansing products on the road,sea, or sky. The second, they are a great way for you to try out the product for a lower price. Third, they are just cute little packages (I’m a sucker for mini things).  I more than likely will buy both and give you my expert (not really) opinion.

Another that I am 85% sure I am going to pick up today is one from Maybelline. I have heard some great reviews from YouTube so why not give it a go! I will definitely post my review on that as well.

Did I miss anything else? If I did, let me know what you use or what you have been wanting to use.

Until next time…


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