Book Review: 50 Shades Darker

So as stated in my last blog post, I decided to continue to read the 50 Shades series. 

I was more impressed with the second book, as it did not portray Ana Steele as such a nit-wit, she was more confident in her self and her relationship with Christian. She actually surprises me with what strength she does have. She totally confronts someone ( i wont give everything away i promise) and I was like “YOU GO ANA”. What bothers me about the book is that the timelines are completely unrealistic. The books opens up with Ana being miserable for 5 days then she decides to meet up with Christian again. Really?!?! After what seemed like the breaking point for Ana, in the end of the first book she realizes that she cannot be the freak a leek in the sheets with Christian and she is traumatized as Christian gives her a “real” taste of the BDSM lifestyle. I would say that is worth a month of soul searching. And although she gives Christian a second chance, she finds out more about Christian’s troubled past.

I felt that this book was waay better than the first book. If you felt iffy about the first one, don’t worry it. gets. better. We discover Christian is a product of a dysfunctional family, was left alone with her OD crack whore mom. Ana feels sympathy for this broken man and is determined to help him into the light. There are a few plot twists including a crazed ex submissive, a helicopter crash, and a proposal!  

Of course the action is great, and if you feel that your love life could use some spice, this will help! Your man will appreciate this book too if you get my drift :). Overall, the series is getting better, i swear i read the book within a week. I am on the third book and so far so good, i have a few inclinations of how it will end but we shall see. 

If you don’t feel too comfortable going out and buying it, I would suggest borrowing it from friend, most of my co workers have read it and i would have definitely loaned my copy 🙂

Until next time!Image


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