I have been meaning to post something regarding skin care for a while now especially since I haven’t posted in like….weeks. ._. my bad guys.

So acne basically plagues everyone, and I am no exception. I have used everything practically under the sun, minus Accutane and hard core prescription stuff. What seems to be working for me was something I knew was there all along I just never used it.

Now mind you, this is my personal opinion and I am no dermatologist, if you are experiencing major skin issues then go see someone with actual medical expertise. I have combination skin which means I have dry cheeks but my T zone [the forehead, nose, and sometimes my chin] are extremely oily. This is one of the toughest skin types to work with because you have to be able to balance out the oil but also not to be too drying. Just my luck right?

Facial Brushes:

I have been wanting a Clarisonic since forever but to be honest, I don’t exactly feel comfortable shelling out $200 on a facial brush, which is exactly what it is. Yes, you can charge it, use it when wet and it massages your skin, but damn I don’t make that much money. Oh and you still have to buy the cleanser gel or wash on top of that expense!  So I wanted to find the next best thing and decided that I wasn’t going to be left out so I purchased the Olay Pro X Advanced Cleansing System at CVS. It too is a facial brush that is battery operated, massages the skin, and you can use it in the shower. The upside to this is that the product is only $30 and sold at drugstores.

WP_20130619_002  WP_20130810_003  WP_20130810_002  WP_20130810_004 The box, front, back, and closer look at the brush head, which is also removable.

To be honest, the Olay Pro X is actually better because the actual brush head moves in circular motion rather than just vibrates back an forth (which is what the Clarisonic does). So I feel that my skin is being better cleansed while using this product. If you aren’t super keen on spending a crazy amount for the Clarisonic, I would highly suggest this dupe!

The Cleanser:

I had been using a gentle cleanser for a bit because I don’t do well with extremely strong products, I felt that my skin would become highly sensitive and would actually hurt my skin more. I was using St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Cleanser which was great because it was oil free, it was sold at drugstores so easily accessible, and it was relatively inexpensive. However, I have recently been introduced to the Clinic Skincare line which has been my new fave because it is really gentle but still very effective. I actually bought the three step system at my local CCO which was a steal $12 for 1 fl. oz cleanser, 6.7 fl. oz clarifying lotion [toner] and a cute .5 fl oz moisturizing gel.

WP_20130810_001  The moisturizing gel, clarifying lotion and facial cleanser…so cute right?!?

The facial soap is strong and does not irritate the skin, the lotion is great because it helps to keep the skin clear, and I really like the smell believe it or not. Last but not least is the moisturizing gel, which is genius because most moisturizers are oil based and are sometimes really creamy and I end up looking like a glistening mess, the gel works to both hydrate the skin without leaving it too shiny, but also give my skin what it needs. The actual products on their own are in the more high end price range, I gave in and bought the full size versions. I would recommend purchasing these products as a whole system, if you’re going to splurge you might as well get the whole damn thing. Sometimes department stores have them in sets that you can purchase so you wouldn’t have to buy each piece separately, I just so happened to because I still had a lot of toner left.

The Method:

I  put a one pump of cleanser on my face or I place it on the Pro X brush and use the brush about ten seconds on each area of the face. The way I cleanse is I start with my cheeks, then my chin then my nose then my forehead, I work up because I don’t want the cleanser running down my face . I typically use the product while I am in the shower. After my shower I get a towel and pat my face first then my body, although I have heard of girls using those new Kleenex paper towels and using that to pat the face that way you are using something sterile yet sturdy. I might consider using that.  Once I am out of the shower I use my toner. I use a exfoliating cotton pad [Target has them, they are amazing] to swipe the toner onto my face. after a few seconds I use the moisturizing gel and work it throughout my face and neck. I recommend using your skincare system twice a day so you can get the best results. Now breakouts still do happen, nothing is perfect in this world, but for me I notice my breakouts are not as big, red, and painful as before and within a few days its gone. Keep in mind that if you’re still breaking out it could be a number of reasons: its that time of the month, you are highly stressed out, or your diet are all factors. Other good tips would be to wash your pillow cases bi-weekly or monthly, as well as cleaning your makeup brushes often.

I hope you found this helpful and if you have other skincare suggestions, do tell!

Look at this cute pic that i found on pinterest!

wash your face

Until next time!


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