Guilty Pleasure: Beauty and Fashion Subscriptions?!?

Today I wanted to talk about my guilty pleasure!

First thing, what the hell is a beauty subscription? its basically a paid membership to receive monthly items via mail. You get a monthly charge onto your account and you receive a package, either a bag, or box or tube or some other gimmicky thing that we girls love and its filled with different samples. I was a bit skeptical about the idea at first but I was totally convinced by Youtube.

I love LePooke! She also does food sample subscriptions too! Check her out!

Anyway, the first dilemma I had was which box to choose from? There are a lot of different sample boxes out there! I decided to see what kind of stuff you get with each and really the samples are similar. I went with the more affordable options for me which were IPSY (formerly MyGlam) and Birchbox. Both subscriptions were $10 each, IPSY did this thing where you get a pretty pink package and inside you get a small makeup bag which they change the style every month, filled with a mix of full size and luxury sample products. Birchbox came in a cardboard box and also had pretty quality stuff. Brands like Say Yes To, NYX, Nexxus, Urban Decay are some to name a few were included in both sample subscriptions. The only con is that different people get different items. I have seen plenty of LePooke’s videos where she was supposed to have the same birchbox as me but her stuff was AMAZEBALLS and mine were BLEH. It kinda made me sad, not everything was different but the full size product was usually different. The other thing about these subscriptions is that although its a great way to try new brands and new products, you are getting new products every month and chances are you become overloaded with stuff which you may not have an opportunity to try them all, which is a bummer!

If you own a TV  you’ve probably seen those commercials for which is a fashion subscription. When I first saw it, it didn’t really catch my eye, I thought the idea of getting a pair of shoes or handbag was cool but not sure how it could work. When I was given a 20% off coupon from IPSY,  I had to try it! The cool thing about the site is that it starts you off with a questionnaire to find out your style. Now in my mind, I figured they would only show you the style you had chosen or were given based on the test, but really you can choose any style that is offered.  The first pair that I purchased were tall caramel colored boots. I swore I wear those things for casual, cute, warm, cool, and rainy days. I fell in love with the black and brown combo that I rocked those boots any chance that I had!!! Plus the good thing is that I only paid $19.99 for them. I repurchased them in black for my mom, and I cant wait until they go on sale in the summer, I’m getting myself another pair in black! I’ve also purchased several purses and other shoes as gifts. The amount they charge is $39.99 per month and you choose either a handbag from their selection, or a pair of shoes, or jewelry set. I have yet to try their jewelry just because I think paying $40 for costume jewelry is way too much. But the quality of the shoes and bags are awesome.

So why is this my guilty pleasure? Mainly because right now I’m planning a wedding and I need to save some Chedda! Otherwise I would totally go ape shit on the subscriptions. Seriously, its like Christmas every single month!  But sadly for now I cannot. Its ok though. I trust that these companies are only getting bigger from here and the idea of it is pretty neat so I doubt that it will die down. If you have been bored with your makeup selection or just wanting to get some goodies, try subscribing!


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