Haul: Forever21,Victoria’s Secret, Bath and Bodyworks

Hey y’all!
I went shopping with my awesome mom today. I’m preparation of our upcoming cali/vegas trip I needed a new swimsuit and I ended up hitting some of the sales.
Forever 21
I bought Love and Beauty Aloe Extract Makeup Cleansing Tissues. I needed some new travel wipes, you never know when you’re in need of some touch ups.


I also got a super cute swimsuit. I actually dared to try a fatkini, I was inspired by GABIFRESH. It was floral and black but I didn’t really feel comfortable.

I opted for a one piece with halter strap. It also has faux boning to keep it all tight and right!!


And now for the extras! I had to catch both Semi-Annual Sales. First is Victorias Secret, I hadn’t been shopping for a while there mostly because I’m not the same weight as when I worked there. Anyway, I only purchased beauty products. First is Sheer Drama Hydrating Lipstick in La Dolce Vita. I swatched it and I can’t wait to wear it out! Next is Silky Powder Blush in Fame. Its very silky actually…it doesn’t have any gold shimmer its a true pink color. I will probably use it tomorrow…






Finally I had to get some stuff from Bath and BodyWorks. Two antibacterial foaming hand soap in Island Nectar and Island Margarita. I loved Island Margarita as a scent pod in my car, both are described with honey, coconut milk, and mango fruit extract to soothe the skin.


I also bought Sweet on Paris Shimmer Mist. I first smelled this fragrance at work and I absolutely loved it. Very sweet candy like smell I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I was sad that this was the only product left but it was 75% off. I had to get it.



Last thing was Strawberry Sparkles shower gel. Its described as a cocktail of wild strawberry, sparkling mandarin, and pink jasmine.


That’s it! I will possibly do some shopping damage in Vegas but we shall see.


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