Who’s Normal Anyway?

Who's Normal Anyway?

The picture says it all!

As my first post, I want to introduce myself.

First and foremost, I AM NOT NORMAL. But what does that even mean? If normal is conforming to what society thinks I should: wear, act, behave, listen to, watch, read then yes I am a WIERDO. I am not going to fit in a box where I do certain things and live life a certain way. As mentioned in my ABOUT ME, I like what I like.

I have a wide range of interests including:

-nail design
-playing black ops (with my PINK controller!)
-current events (I care about what happens to the world!)
-cooking (well recipes because I need to learn how to cook)
-being with my family/friends
-conspiracy theories
-being fabulous!
and the list goes on and on…

Come to think of it most of these things aren’t out of the ordinary! So most of these topics you will find in my future posts. I want this blog to celebrate my life and my quirky ways, to be a virtual diary really. So without further ado, Welcome to my Life!


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